Saturday, July 22, 2006

New Year, New Nicknames

Last year had some solid nicknames:
Alan Zemaitis "Touch"
Chris "The Assassin!" Harrell
Tamba "he just ate a man" Hali
Paul "is really a bear" Posluszny
But I haven't really heard any nicknames for this year's squad. Here are some suggestions that are painfully obvious but I think are entertaining:

Austin "Doghouse" Scott
Dan "The Butcher" Connor
Justin "The Once and Future" King
Derrick "The Conquerer " Williams
Tony "The Hammer" Hunt
Thats just to get the ball rolling! Bring on the suggestions!


the brewer patriot said...

get the "bar" rolling? i think something other than PSU football is occupying your brain.

PSUMike said...

Justin King and Derrick Williams have already christened themselves "J-King" and "D-Will".

I've heard a bunch of people calling Morelli "AMMO".