Monday, July 17, 2006

Poz, First Bear To Win Heisman

As we all know, Poz is a bear. There are some pundits out there with lists compiling Heisman hopefuls. Poz is #20 (D-Will is #66, and Morelli is #54), I agree that he should be a contender for the Heisman trophy. Unfortunately, what it comes down to is offensive stats. So, unless Paul gets some time at TE or he just scores a large number of defensive touchdowns the odds of him winning the Heisman are small. Poz does have this working for him, after PSU plays Tosu and ND #48 (Jeff Samardzija), 40 (Darius Walker), 6 (Tedd Ginn), 3 (Troy Smith), and #1 (Brady Quinn) will each have a loss under their belts at the hands of the Lions!

I've got sour news for these jerks, the Penn State Defense is where Heisman hopes go to die. Just ask Laurence Maroney (16 rushes for 48 yds.)!


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PSUMike said...

I'm so sick of the Brady for Heisman hype. It's just stupid to even speculate who is going to win the Heisman before the season starts. Who would have predicted MRob would finish 5th in the voting last year? Nobody.

I hope the mighty Quinn blows out his elbow when Poz smacks him around. The Heisquinn hype ends September 9th.