Friday, July 14, 2006

Season Sell-out?!??!

According to varying press releases by the University(here, or here) there are only a few tickets remaining. According to the press releases, there are tickets left for Akron and against Temple. Being a curious lad I tried to order some tickets for both games and was flatly denied, this leads me to believe that the entire 2006 season is sold out!
The students are grouchy because so many are left ticketless (if Paternoville does not return next year I'll be pissed), the fair-weather fans are back and clamoring for tickets after an 11-1 year, there clearly are not enough seats to satisfy the insatiable hunger for PSU football! Really, a very pleasant problem to have. The main question now is: what should be done? Open up the new minor league stadium so fans can watch on the big screen? (a pretty cool idea). Expand the Stadium....again? (150,000 fans on their feet!) Standing room only! Not just the student section! Project the game into space so the whole planet can enjoy how awesome PSU is!!! (problem solved!)It has been proven that waiting in line for days to watch the greatest football team in all the land makes you capable of screaming for hours at a time, while never breathing in!

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