Sunday, December 17, 2006

Economics and the Outback Bowl

I, like many Penn State fans, am pondering a trip to the Tampa area to watch Penn State and Tennessee square off. Regardless of where you live everybody wants to know how much a ticket to this epic sporting event will cost. PSU announced that some limited tickets would be available for the public to purchase back on the 13th. After a brief investigation, it seems all of these tickets have been purchased. This leaves a member of the Nittany Nation to turn to the last stop for tickets, Ebay.
A quick look around Ebay shows that most tickets are selling for around $150. Not too shabby all things considered. But do not be too hasty, do not forget that you will also need a parking pass (and scooping up some tickets to Outback Bowl Events would not be a bad idea either).
As far as air-fare I would recommend Southwest. Why, you ask? Because Tampa is a hub for Southwest and you could probably get some good deals on air fare.
If you are looking for a white T-shirt that isn't ho-hum I'd have to recommend you cruising through Glory Of Old Shop. (shameless plug!)
Now that you are armed with some basic information about outback tickets I send ye forth to arrange your travel plans to get down to Tampa to White-Out Tennessee!


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The Brewer Patriot said...

That is two tickets for $150 on ebay, son. And a bunch 2 for $120. That is pretty much face value.