Thursday, January 11, 2007

Norwood and Basketball

Jordan Norwood is being given an opportunity to try-out for the Men's basketball team. Norwood is a hell of an athlete, and he won a championship in high school, but I'm not sold on the idea. Football has become to a year-round sport requiring you to either be playing, practicing, or training to play/practice the game of football. Also, as one of the leaders on the Penn State team, I would prefer to have Norwood devote his time to football and helping younger players develop than play on a middle-of-the-road basketball team.
That being said, I don't mean to hate on Jordan too much. I wish him luck and if he can contribute to the basketball team, great! Also, if Joe is on board, I can't be too upset.

Good luck Jordan! Don't Get HURT!


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Coach said...

I'm sure that you are aware that Jordan's brother, Gabe, is a starter for George Mason - and played in the final four last year.

In the "olden days" all of the speedsters on the Football team ran spring track (they always missed the Blue White game). And there were always the wrestlers.

Injuries are always a concern - and it can be a distraction - but staying in the competitive mindset and training could be good. As you said, I too wish him luck.