Friday, April 27, 2007

Paterno's Response to Assault Charges

Joe Paterno, college football legend, has responded to charges being filed against 6 of his players Friday as follows:

Penn State coach Joe Paterno is "very concerned" about felony charges filed this morning against six of his players, he said in a statement this afternoon.

The coaching staff "will determine the appropriate consequence for each player's status on the team when due process has transpired," Paterno's statement read. "Until such time, we will have no further comment regarding the situation."

The cryptic nature of these comments is not unusual for Paterno; who knows what "when due process has transpired" even means!? Could it mean that if the case gets past the preliminary hearing stage the players will be dismissed? Guilty = Dismissed? If it is a guilty that would be required to have the players booted I'd be disappointed in my alma mater's stance on this kind of thing.

The PSU Six
Also, if a guilty plea or verdict is required for the players to be dismissed that could take months to over a year to come about which means that some of the players could graduate or move on to the NFL before the case is finally closed.
In the end, I'm sure Coach Paterno will do the right thing. He has been dealing with incidents like this for over forty years. HIS WISDOM KNOWS NO BOUND!


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