Monday, June 04, 2007

Poaching the Nuts Backyard

Michael Zordich committed to Penn State the other day. Zordich is a 6'2" 210 LB prospect, even though he grew up in Youngstown his commitment to PSU comes as no surprise. This is mainly because his Dad (Mike Zordich Sr.) played for PSU in the 80s before playing for the Iggles.

This is a satisfying recruit for a number of reasons. It is always great to get a legacy recruit because it shows that families still have a strong connection to Penn State. (on a side note; is there a family out there who has had three generations play for Joepa?) But this recruit is particularly sweet because he lives in the Buckeye's backyard but will be wearing the Blue & White when it counts!

It is also sweet because Tosu had recently recruited Andrew Sweat (a PA standout) to come and indulge in their misguided, classless, debacle known as a football program. So, eat that Buckeyes! Turnabout is fair play!



BSD said...

I believe four generations of Suhey's have played for Penn State.

Elihu said...

Yeah, but the originsl post asked about playing for Joe, not just PSU.

I'd like to see someone from the current generation get All-American, since each of the first three generations did. has any school ever had four generations of All-Americans in a single family?

JB said...

That is awesome. "grandpa, was Joe as awesome 40 years ago as he is now?" "silly question, of course he is!"

PSUgirl said...

"Grandpa Suhey" pre-dates Joe's time at PSU (but only by a few years) - (Great-Grand Dad is Bob Higgins)

I really don't think that Zordich was a "sure bet" for PSU - but I'm sure glad he's going to be a Lion