Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Blue-White Roundtable: The Impending Excellence Edition

The start of the college football season is but hours away. In preparation, I sit, Gin & Tonic in hand, pounding out this edition of the Blue-White Roundtable. Chris from RUTS gives us the questions for this week. My answers are joined by the rest of the roundtable consisting of Mike at BSD, TNL, and William. My drunken, uninformative ravings can be found below.
1. Our long national nightmare is over -- football season has returned! The Nittany Lions take on the Golden Panthers of Florida International University this Saturday. FIU was 0-12 last season, with losses to such powerhouse programs as Middle Tennessee State, Arkansas State, and Florida Atlantic. There's no question that Penn State will win, but what are you hoping to see PSU accomplish against FIU? Aside from not getting injured, what can the Nittany Lions do that will make you say, "Okay, that's something we can build on for next week against Notre Dame"?
We need to find out which Austin Scott will be showing up. Will it be the explosive back we saw in the Orange Bowl or will it be the inexperienced, lazy, turd whose lack of dedication locked him behind Tony Hunt for 4 years. Like I said before, Austin could be PSU's solution at RB, however, he could also fulfill the role of unrealized potential on the bench. A role Austin has played for several years.
If Austin can't move the chains against FIU PSU needs to change backs right away to make sure they are ready for ND and Michigan in the following three weeks.
2. Not every Big Ten team has a functional bye week. Take a look at this week's schedule. Who is most likely to suffer an upset?
There are only really two options, Illinois and Indiana. Both were terrible last year, and they face Indiana St. and Missouri respectively. I'm going to have to say that Illinois is going to lose in week one. Missouri is a quality opponent and Illinois is talented but young. If Pressed I would say
Mizou: 31
Indiana: 17
3. How are you affected by the squabbles between the Big Ten Network and Comcast? Who is The Bad Guy in this battle? If you're stuck in a situation where you won't be at the game and can't get the broadcast at your house, what are your plans for Saturday at noon?
I, quite fortunately, have Direct TV so I am completely unaffected by the childish squabbling of Comcast and the BTN. I think that Comcast is the bad guy in this situation. BTN has programming that the people want to see and comcast has made the decision that it is more cost-effective to deny people access to the games instead of adding the BTN to their basic cable network. I will actually be visiting the In-Laws this weekend, sadly, they do not have the BTN. Fortunately, I will be Tivoing Saturday's game and will be watching it after I return. I will gladly wear the shame-hate in exchange for preserving my marriage. It has to look like this:
Lightning Round
If things go as planned, everyone on the PSU could see significant playing time on Saturday. Who will be the leading rusher, receiver, and passer for Penn State?
Austin Scott. Derrick Williams, AMMO.
Predict the score of the PSU vs. FIU game.
I previously predicted:
PSU: 48
FIU: 6
I'm gonna stick with that. Or, if you want a prediction more inflammatory: MY PREDICTION IS PAIN!
What non-PSU game are you most looking forward to this weekend?
Ga Tech vs. ND. I am rooting for ND. Are you surprised? You shouldn't be. It can only help PSU for ND to be unbeaten (in one contest) when they arrive in happy valley.



The Brewer Patriot said...

Oh, shame hat! I haven't seen the ol shame hat in a few years now! Recall that originally, it was a newspaper hat.

JB said...

Yeah. I think that a pink von-douche hat would actually bring more shame. In fact, i've been considering buying one for use Stu's bachelor party in vegas!