Monday, August 20, 2007

SI Breaks Down The Big Ten has their Big Ten breakdown posted here, while it is unremarkable for it's lock-step predictability it also seems to make little sense. They predict PSU will go 5-3 in conference and 9-3 overall. One can only assume the losses would be to Tosu, Michigan, and Wisconsin, which I can accept. It is certainly a possible outcome.

They have Iowa sharing 4th place with the Nittany Lions, but this is where it gets weird. SI calls Iowa a "Sleeper" but still predicts them to go 5-3 in conference while missing Tosu and Michigan! OOOH! Their so talented they'll go 9-3 while only playing 2 of the four top rated teams in the conference! Their is also mad talk of felony charges on Hawkeye Pages!

Read it and be frustrated!


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