Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Blue White Roundtable: Week 3

We have made it to week three and PSU remains undefeated (joining only twenty two other undefeated teams in the top twenty five). This week William, from WWN, brings us the questions Nittany Nation is facing for the upcoming week. My answers can be found below, for more accurate, better written responses please check out RUTS, BSD, TNL, and TNB.
1.) Thus far the defense has given up three points (on a short field) in two games. Have they proved that they are an elite unit or are they still untested?
I think you have to say largely untested. FIU and Notre Dame have combined to score a total and I mean TOTAL of 23 points in two games apiece. I assume nobody will suggest that FIU is a serious challenge to defend and PSU faced a very inexperienced Notre Dame offense. PSU's first test of the season, especially defensively, still remains at Michigan.
2.) Anthony Morelli made a great throw to Chris Bell for 51 yards but also fumbled and was picked off twice. How concerned are you about him as the starting quarterback?
One must approach Morelli with guarded optimism. He has shown that he can manage a game effectively but he has also shown a continued proclivity to horrible decision making. I think I've been saying this for just over twelve months now, but if Morelli can limit the mistakes and turn-overs he can lead PSU to glory. That is what it all boils down to. Lets hope Morelli puts this shit together fast because the start of the Big Ten Schedule is two weeks away.
3.) Don't look now, but this week's opponent Buffalo dropped 42 on Temple this past Saturday. Granted Temple is awful, but should we be concerned at all?
No, and I'll tell you why. The Bulls have a efficient returning QB and experienced WRs, however, against quality opponents (BC & Auburn) the Bulls only put up 191 yards TOTAL! James Stark is a talented RB and rushed for over 700 yds last year and averaged over 4 yds/carry. However, if you look at what he did against quality opponents (again BC & Auburn) he rushed for only 67 yds on 29 carries. What hides behind these stats? I think it tells you Buffalo's offensive line is terrible and when they face big time opponents they just don't match up. In sum, the Bulls are fine for the MAC but should get blown off the field on Saturday. Find the full break down here. I previously predicted
Where you at the game? If so, does the atmosphere stand up to other big games like Nebraska in 2002, Ohio State in 2005, etc.?
I was not at the game. However, it looked like it was crazy. I was at the 2002 Nebraska game and I was insanely fired up. That being said, the White Out is the most impressive sight in sports.
Do you think Jimmy Clausen will be a good QB?
If he manages to survive a tough season behind a poor offensive line Clausen shows potential to be a really good QB.
Do you work with any Notre Dame fans? If so, what kind of mood where they in on Monday morning?
Sadly, no. However, I can only imagine the general mood of ND fans can be described as: Pouty.


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