Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Quarless and Harriott

Will be back for the Buffalo game. Probably. The Collegian is reporting that the Dynamic-Drinking-Duo is out of the doghouse and will play if they are ready.
"If they don't play, it will not be because of the fact there's any disciplinary background to it," Paterno said. "If they're ready to play, we're gonna play 'em."
You have to think that Quarless is going to be in this game. Mickey Shuler played pretty well against FIU (54 yds. & a TD) but he didn't do anything against ND. The simple fact of the matter is that Shuler seems like he would be a very serviceable TE but Quarless has the potential to be a star. PSU has to get him back into action so he can be an effective weapon against Michigan.

Speaking of Michigan, there are some things circulating on chat-boards and in general conversation about which team one should cheer for on saturday; Michigan or Notre Dame. The answer is clear, you have to cheer for Michigan. The conference needs Michigan to be a good team to strengthen the conference.

Lets just hope Michigan doesn't put the keys away and learn how to cheer before PSU comes to town.



WFY said...

I can't quite go along with your suggestion in the second to last paragraph, so I will say that "I will continue to cheer against Notre Dame." That is much more comfortable to say.

JB said...

Fair enough.