Monday, September 10, 2007

Rankings and Beyond

Both the AP and Coaches poll are out and Penn State's win over Notre Dame have catapulted them to #12 in both polls. Ohio State struggled against Akron but Tosu managed to bump its rank up to #10. However, we will truly see what the Buckeyes are made of as they have to travel to face the Huskies next week. Would you want to have to go face Washington right now? Ty Willingham is twice the coach Charlie Weiss is.

Wisconsin is still hovering in the top ten at #7 despite only beating UNLV by 7. They will similarly not be tested against the Citadel this week in Madison. However, the Bulldogs just beat Webber 76-0. So you can't sleep on the Bulldogs.

Is there any other conclusion that can be reached other than "The Big Ten is Down...Like Big East Down!"?
By the way, how big a game is PSU vs. Iowa (week 6) starting to look now?

Michigan is edging closer and closer to seppuku after losing to Oregon and staring 0-3 right in the face as Notre Dame comes to the Big (Quiet) House next week. It really doesn't matter to me who wins this game but if Michigan loses its third straight at home, you just need to blow that sucker up. Because it is at a home for Michigan they need the win more.

The Lions face off against the Buffalo Bulls next week. I broke them down a million years ago and it can be found here. However, with the way the Defense has been playing I think the Bulls might be lucky to escape uninjured. I previously predicted:
PSU: 69
Bulls: 12

I'll stick by this but with one caveat; all 12 Buffalo points will come with less than 20 minutes left in the game.


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