Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Low Down on Paternoville

The Collegian is reporting that Penn State officials are discussing the future of Paternoville. The big news is that the University is so pleased with the way students have been conducting themselves that the extended Paternoville time we saw for Notre Dame will be applied to a future game this year.
Because of Paternoville campers' good behavior at the Notre Dame campout, the university is granting one more extended campout, PCC President Tom Boroch (sophomore-meteorology) said.

"The campout will either be for the Wisconsin or the Ohio State game," Boroch said. "Those are the two home games that are left on the schedule, and the final decision would be made in early- to mid-October."

That is great! PSU= the classiest school in all the land!

Go State! Get Fired Up In The Classiest Way Possible!


PSUgirl said...

While I understand that iowa, purdue and even buffalo don't necessarily generate the same excitement levels - they are still "left on the schedule."

It's nice that they'll let them know by mid-october, considering that the wisky game is Oct. 13th.

JB said...

Timely they are not but at least they are extending the camp time.