Saturday, October 06, 2007

Austin Scott UPDATE!

What started out as two seemingly unconnected reports are starting to be linked. The Daily Collegian is reporting on a sexual assault on campus. There were also several rumors going around that Austin Scott was kicked off the team. Now, WJAC-TV is reporting that Scott's locker has been cleared out AND that it was a PSU football player who was being ID'd by the victim.

It is clear that Scott will not play today and possibly will never be back in the Blue & White again. I think Kinlaw and Royster will simply each get more carries and that will be the end of the impact on the team.

Beyond what happens on the field what the fuck is going on in Happy Valley? Fights, Felony Charges, Trials, now the specter of a sexual assault looming over the program. This is not what I expect and demand as an alumni.


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