Monday, October 22, 2007

Get to Know the Buckeyes!

They say that familiarity breeds contempt. We already know about the contempt so lets just get right to the familiarity! There are several good Buckeye blogs that you can check out to learn about the team you loathe most in the universe.
Eleven Warriors, Buckeye Lane, Buckeyes 24/7, Buckeye Banter, Around The Oval

After reading them all you should feel like your brain is covered in pride stickers. Not a good feeling. Observe below and rejoice!


Anonymous said...

I have read the Penn State blogs and am aghast at their ignorance of their own poor schedule and cupcake opponents. Neither PSU nor OSU has any stable ground from which to shoot their mouths off. Both teams have tiptoed through a field of panzies. The team that shuts its mouth and prepares for every snap of the ball will be the winner. I am surprised at Penn State fans. Look at the pot calling the kettle black!

Signed, Practical in Columbus

Elihu said...

Should we start referring to them as jaOSU, meaning "just another OSU"? I like it as a come back to tOSU.

Practical in Columbus said...

Sorry Nittany Lions, go to Sagarin and take a dose of reality, pay particular attention to strength of schedule (both teams),

JB said...

Ummm...Your link is to a basketball site. I will certainly agree with you that TOSU is better at b-ball.
As for the football, I have just been saying that i'm fired up for the game. Ohio St. is ranked #1 and I anxiously look forward to PSU beating them. It is going to be a great game!

Practical in Columbus said...

Oops, typical OSU mistakes (turnover touchdowns, M-state), anyway,

I'm going with PSU by 3 1/2 pts., home field advantage.

Practical in Columbus said...

Anyway, the OSU offense showed me more Saturday night than I expected to see. Not a slight to PSU, but what happened to the PSU defense?