Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Oh Shit!

#1 Ohio State is going to be rolling into town on Saturday Oct. 27th and you might hear that term bandied about more than you're used to. The CDT is reporting that the port-a-potties surrounding the stadium are woefully inadequate to handle the amount of tailgaters outside the stadium. And, as you know, Ohio State fans are full of more shit than your average fans (I Kid because I Love!) so we might be in a bit of a stinky-pickle.
Brumbaugh said Thursday that the township counted 339 portable toilets around Beaver Stadium within the township on Oct. 2. He said the State College Health Department, which provides services to the township, estimated that 100,000 people over a 10-hour period would require 957 portable toilets.
For Ohio St. you would think at least 1500 would be required. How many are going to be set up to handle all of the feces?
Mark Bodenschatz, associate athletic director for facilities, said the university had 378 portables around the stadium during last week’s Wisconsin game, and plans to have about 100 more for the Ohio State game. He said at least six other buildings are left open for game day bathroom access.
Uh-oh. The odds of people peeing behind car doors is higher than ever! Will it get so bad that fans start pinching-loaves behind a shrub?



Anonymous said...

Isn't your university called "PEE Univ."?

JB said...

Maybe a better joke would have been "PeeeSU" but now the moment is lost.

joepadon said...

Guess I better not prepare my usual fire chili dogs and hot wings!

PSUgirl said...

The porta potties in the RV lots had already reached maximum capacity by 8am Saturday morning during notre dame weekend. I imagine that it's only going to be worse this week.

The trick is to find the "super secret - out of the way" potties - there are a few scattered about - either that or depends undergarments.

Anonymous said...

Happy Valley always smells like shit, its just going to smell worse than usual, GO BUCKS!!