Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Internet Wagery

As the weekend approached Halftime Adjustments sent an intriguing offer: an internet wager for this weekend's game. The terms were that the winner would get a guest post on the others blog. Sadly, we all know how that worked out for our beloved Lions. As such, please see the Buckeye Guest post below:

I remember when the Big Ten was looking to add a member, and talk primarily centered around Penn State and Notre Dame. Adding either one was a scary proposal for OSU who were suffering under big game John Cooper. It seemed that adding Penn State would mean that the big two were about to become the big three. I expected the Buckeyes, Wolverines and Lions would battle for the top spot every year. That prediction hasn’t exactly panned out.

Right now the conference is still a two dog fight, with a second tier that is still pretty good, including Penn State, Wisconsin, Purdue, and either Michigan State or Iowa, depending on the year. Any of these teams have upset potential when playing OSU and Michigan, but that isn’t what the conference needs. For the Big Ten to be considered an elite conference we need Penn State to be one of the elite teams again.

Is it Paterno? Is he holding the team hostage while he chases Bobby Bowden? I have to say watching these two go after this record is kind of sad. They are taking two elite programs down a notch in their pursuit. Maybe they have earned that right. I’m certainly not saying that they should be fired. You can’t do that to a coach that brought the team to prominence. But perhaps for the good of the program it is time for coach to step down.

Saturday night was an old school thumping. In your house none the less. And I don’t even want to talk about your Michigan record. It seems to me that Penn State should be better in all aspects of the game. You should be able to land recruits. You should have Heisman hopefuls. There is no reason a Pennsylvania kid should ever leave the state if they are a top notch talent.

Here’s hoping that Paterno decides sooner, rather than later to retire. And here’s hoping that Penn State gets their Jim Tressel. A coach that restores the team to national credibility. The conference needs you. And quite frankly Penn State tradition demands it. Good luck on the rest of the season. Go Buckeyes!

I just threw up in my mouth a little.


I have tons of pics and videos from the game and tailgate. They have not been posted yet but they will be up soon.


BSD said...

Not even a sarcastic "Good game, guys." Classy.

JB said...

It was. I just thought the idea of internet wagery was fun. while not rising to the level over at EDSBS it was still fun.

Goat said...

It's not the recruits; it's the coaching. PSU had plenty of talent on the field Saturday night to compete. The final score should not have been so lopsided. Watching game after game of unaggressive play calling-- on both sides of the ball--leads me to believe that the coaches are trying to not lose instead of trying to win. It's painful to watch PSU play a good team.

chazz said...

the poster's comments were right on the money. The Big Ten needs Penn State to move back into the elite program status that it once enjoyed. But first, it must address the root of the problems it faces in moving forward. Who or what is responsible for the struggles of tradition rich Penn State football? What must it do to gain the respect of the college football fraternity that once looked on this program as a powerhouse that year in and year out fielded one of the more competitive and exciting teams in the land? I believe that in large measure the problem lies with an 80 year old coach that is not going to learn "new tricks" and apparently has no fear of being forced out. Don't get me wrong, I'm not dissing JoePa but your solution may be a painful one, I hope your wait isn't painful as well. Good Luck State.