Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Reactions To The Video

By now everyone has seen the video which is racing around the internet which depicts several Penn State fans assaulting some unsuspecting Ohio St. fans at a party. I am not going to repost what I believe is a shameful, despicable, reprehensible video, however, if you really want to see it you can find it here.
Since the video really started to make the rounds there has been only a little done. The Collegian has a good article which basically identifies the people who have brought nothing but shame to the Penn State community. Apparently, the video was posted under the Youtube account belonging to Pi Kappa Alpha Vice President Gaetano Sacco. Not surprisingly, neither he nor the Fraternity President had any comment.
Now that we know some of the names of the people involved lets keep this investigation rolling forward! This sort of behavior will not be tolerated in civilized society let alone at an institution of higher learning! For shame, Pi Kappa Alpha! For Shame, Gaetano Sacco! You ARE NOT Penn State.


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