Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday Morning Hangover

If you are reading this I'm sure you already know that PSU lost to Illinois 27-20 on Saturday. This pushed the Lions out of the top 25. This is also the second straight week that the Lions have lost to an unranked opponent. There are few disturbing trends emerging for the Lions which could cause for 2007 to be a long season for PSU.

First, and most glaring, is Penn State's penchant for turning the ball over. The Lions had a reasonably effective offense this weekend gaining over 400 yards of offense including nearly 300 yards passing. What truly kept PSU from having a "good" offense was the fact that Morelli threw three picks and fumbled the ball while diving for what would have been a critical first down. There were 2 other fumbles on Saturday but the Lions managed to recover the ball. This cannot continue of the Lions are going to stop this losing skid and have a hope of a successful season.

Second, the Lions defense needs to play better. After giving up nearly 170 yds rushing to Mike Hart PSU surrendered 216 yds to Illinois (5.7 yds/carry). This is simply not going to get it done. The defense is also going to have to create more turnovers. The offense seems obsessed with simply handing the ball to PSU's opponents so the defense is going to have to step up its play in order to win the turnover battle.

The redzone offense was terrible and has to improve. Penn State was able to put long drives together only to look utterly useless with the ball when inside the opponent's 30 yd line.

Morelli has become a giant puzzle which the coaching staff needs to solve. He can be excellent one play and atrocious the next; take his stats for example. AMMO was 21 of 38 for nearly 300 yards and a TD. He completed 55% of his passes but he threw 3 picks and fumbled. I think that, at the very least, a competition for QB should begin. Lets give Clarke a chance to make some plays.


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