Friday, September 28, 2007

Illinois and the Continuance of the Lou Holtz Pep Talk Curse

Penn State gets back on a plane this week to travel to the Land of Lincoln to take on the mighty Illinis! I'm worried about the game. Nine points is not going to be enough against basically every team left on the schedule and the Lions have proven that they can only put up big points against the lowest of the low (ND, Buffalo, FIU).

Juice Williams is a concern. I hope they just lock big DC-40 on Juice as a QB spy all day. Hopefully Dan will turn Juice into something that can be more adequately described as pulp! (ZING!)

On a developing theme here, I would like to congratulate USF football as the most recent recipient of Lou Holtz's lispy-curse. At this point you are basically doomed. As soon as Lou Fired you up your chances were reduced to nil. Vegas noticed. The line on the game is now WVU by one million points.

In a slightly related note, I'll be in Vegas this weekend taking in all the football action I can. Mrs. TINNOMJ and I will be at :
8410 West Cheyenne #107
Las vegas, Nevada 89129

Mrs. TINNOMJ is actually the president of the Tulane alumni assoc. up there and we will be hunkering down to watch Tulane play LSU as well as PSU take on the Illinis. So come on down and meet your least favorite Penn State Blogger! The games start at 9 am so don't be late!


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Pete the Streak said...

Lou or not, USF dumped WVU in a horrible-to-watch game. 10 turnovers?? These 'wide-open' offenses CAN be entertaining, but sheesh.....they're all just a freakin' disaster waiting to happen.

Kinda like PSU's. Ugh.