Wednesday, November 07, 2007

2008 PSU Ticket System

PSU is currently researching how to improve their system for distributing tickets, particularly to students, for the 2008 season. The Collegian has the story but you can email the committee your thoughts, feelings, and inevitable threats at psustudenttickets@ I'm glad it is such an official review that they have the influence to secure a gmail account. Just spectacular.

Anyway, hopefully there is some change in the system as tickets sold out in a matter of minutes in 2007. The only options which are forbidden are:
Though UPUA is welcoming student feedback, topics that are "off the table" include excluding both commonwealth campuses and freshmen from tickets, according to the press release.
So get that email fired up!



the brewer patriot said...

What is funny is those were the first two options I thought of. Ha. Stupid freshmen.

Anonymous said...

i have no problem with freshman, someone explain to me why the purdue game was half full after the second quarter...they should let all students buy vouchers, and the first ones to show up get seats...prevents the douch bags who sell for $100s as well as fills up the stadium by kickoff