Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Blue White Round Table: Week Of Temple

My triumphant return to the Blue-White Roundtable is chronicled below. I missed last week due to a number of different factors but now I’m back with a vengeance. William from WWN brings us the questions this week and, as always, please check out everybody else’s responses at BSD, RUTS, TNL, and TNN.
1.) Please elaborate on whether you come away from the Purdue game
encouraged or discouraged about the Nittany Lions?

I came away encouraged because of the following things I saw. The Defense did not give up a touchdown, the special teams unit did but after that it was nothing but field goals for the Boilermakers. Sean Lee’s strip at the goal line had to be one of the greatest defensive plays I’ve seen all year.

Morelli’s completion percentage was 62.8% with a TD and no INTs. He isn’t a game changer but he is creeping up to be an effective game manager.

The Running game was really working well as Royster went for 120+, and Kinlaw got 80+. One of the biggest questions coming into this year was who will be PSU’s future back? That question has been answered with a resounding ROYSTER!

Oh, and Williams reminded us that he can really play.

2.) Who was a better linebacker at this point in their junior seasons, Sean
Lee, Dan Connor or Paul Posluszny?

That is an excellent question. I am just a little too lazy to crunch the stats so I’ll just have to go with what I see on the field. Paul was better at this point. Why? The coaches and players thought enough of him to make him a Junior Captain. Paul was clearly the best LB on the team as a Junior where neither Dan nor Sean can make that claim.

3.) How much of a fight do you expect Temple to put up since this their
biggest home game in forever-and-a-day? Does Temple (3-6) have a shot at
winning? Are you going to be at the game in Philadelphia?

I am not going to the games as I live several thousand miles away. Temple will have some fight but they do not have a shot. Sorry Temple. If you want to see my breakdown of the Owls you can find it here. Or, if you’d like to check out the best Temple blog in all the land go to Temple Football Forever.

Lightning round
Are you a fan of the Patriot-News sportswriter videos?

Oh yes because they are hilarious in an unintentional kind of way.

Which basketball team will have a better season, the men or the women?

Sweet mercy, I have no idea. The Women?

Do you wear a Penn State jersey to games? If so, what number and why?

I sport big #31. That’s just how I get down.

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