Tuesday, November 06, 2007


First, thanks to all the seniors who played their last home game at Beaver Stadium this week. You have been a special part of an amazing time for Nittany Lion Football, your contributions will not be forgotten.

Second, at least one person is upset (and rightfully so) that the graduating seniors on the team didn't stop and thank/celebrate/bask in the glow of the student section after the game against Purdue. According the the above letter only Terrell Golden stopped by the student section (was there anyone who questioned why this kid was a captain?). I think the writer of the above letter says it best:
After all, isn't this the student section that ESPN declared to be the best student section in college football?

And prompted Sports Illustrated on campus to say that a must for any college student is to attend a game at Beaver Stadium?

And turned Beaver Stadium into the White House?

Literally caused the stadium to shake at the sound of "Zombie Nation?"

And has helped make Penn State nearly unbeatable at home over the last two years?

Too true. The Student section has been phenomenal the last few years. You guys are the greatest show in sports today. You should be proud of making Beaver Stadium a really tough place to play.

Sadly, not all PSU fans are as classy. The Pike fraternity involved in the Youtube-beer-hurling-video-scandal faces further punishment for the incident before the Ohio St. Game. The Collegian has the story.
These punishments could include fines, a requirement to host a program on either anger management or alcohol abuse and a possible visit from the executive director or a senior staff member from the international fraternity, Justin Buck, executive director of Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity, wrote in an e-mail.The fraternity was suspended by both the university and its international fraternity pending a final decision on its chapter status as a result of an altercation caught on video, and posted on YouTube, that showed partygoers throwing beer cans at passing Ohio State fan.
But don't forget to thank the countless people behind the scenes that make the football program possible such as Brad "Spider" Caldwell.


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