Monday, November 19, 2007

Brief Reactions To Sparty

More will be forthcoming but....
How the fuck did PSU lose that game? 17 pts! unbelievable. Myself, and others, have been crowing about PSU's championship caliber defense pretty much all year. However, a championship caliber defense you are not if let MSU come back from 17 down in the second half.

I though Morelli played fine (that being said, when PSU finally fell behind and we needed to drive the field and score I knew it was over. Look in your heart and you will see that you knew it was over too). Really, aside from being ineffectual at the end, the offense played well. 31 points should have been enough to win. Seriously.

The Defense was terrible. Secondary, terrible. D-Line, Terrible. Linebackers, Terrible. How else can you give up a lead like that?


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