Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Blue White Round Table: Week of Nothing!

I wrote the questions this week and then neglected to answer them for nearly 12 hours. I think that might be some sort of BWR record. Anyway, my hastily thrown together questions and answers are listed below but I urge you, gentle reader, to visit the other fine Blue-White-Roundtable sites listed below.






  1. PSU is lined up to play Texas A&M in the Alamo Bowl. How are you feeling about the match-up and Penn State's chances?

I feel cautiously optimistic. Texas A&M will be a rematch of the 1999 Alamo bowl where A&M claimed to be the real “Linebacker U”. That added significant juice to the game. That juice will sadly be lacking from this matchup. The 7-5 Aggies just don’t do it for me. The Aggies have been up and down going only 7-5 but finishing with a strong win over #13 Texas. Franchione is gone, Darnell is in, will it make a difference? Only time will tell.

2. The BCS, fire away.

I hate the BCS. If you don’t hate the BCS than you aren’t thinking this thing through, or you are an Tosu fan, or you are both!

3. Will you be rooting for Tosu in order to help boost the profile of the conference or will your unmitigated hate win out?

Wow, I wrote a tough assed question. My brain-hole says that I have to root for the Buckeyes or it will further entrench the Big 10 in unmitigated mediocrity. I’m talking about Dharma & Greg Mediocrity. My heart-space wants me to root for the complete decimation of Tosu. I suppose that would leave me feeling satisfied no matter what the outcome.

- Are you going to the Alamo Bowl?

Sadly, no.
- How much PT does Devlin and Clarke see?

I think that Clarke sees one quarter max. Devlin will see some snaps and that will be it. I would like to reiterate my want to see Clarke/Devlin in a Tebow-esque circa 2006 role for this game. It will not happen. But a man can dream!

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