Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Joe Wants To Die On The Field!

I was cruising around the "series of tubes" today when I hit upon a quote of Joe's over at FOS:
“I think the perfect ending is you drop dead at the end of the game after you kick the winning field goal. And they carry you off the field, and everyone is singing, 'So long Joe, you've been wonderful.' "
That is fucking awesome. Even though he said it "Jokingly" and I say it Jokingly it is the stuff of legends. If Joe does have to pass away I would hope it is in whatever way he would most want. If that means him being carried off the field with 100,000+ fans singing to him on the way out, then so be it. If this does happen I want Joe to be buried in the goddamn end-zone. The Players will just start to dig a hole right in the endzone and then ceremoniously lay him to rest there. Co-eds keening and throwing themselves in after the freshly interred coaching legend. Or, in the alternative, they should put him on display in the stadium similar to Lenin. Whatever it is, it needs to be a burial fit for a God.


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PSUgirl said...

My dad was of the same vein - he always said that he wanted to be cremated and that we'd take him to a game and every time PSU scored, we'd toss some in the air saying "Dear old Dad" - discounting, of course, the bio-hazardous waste issues - and that he said that back in the days when PSU scored touchdowns.