Sunday, December 02, 2007

The National Title, Of BCS Crap

With the selection of LSU and Tosu to play for the National Title in January there is sure to be a tidal wave of controversy. However, I pose this question to you: Who really cares? There answer is: Georgia, Oklahoma, Virginia Tech, USC, Missouri, Hawaii, blah, blah, blah, blah. I will start this conversation with this, I have no problem with LSU being in the title game.

However, Ohio St lucked the fuck out. Plain and simple. They managed to win out there "Tour of Ohio" out of conference schedule. They weren't the best team in the country last week, or the week before. The Buckeyes advanced for the sole reason that they didn't play (though, if there is a year where that should play a substantial role, this is it). I'll be the first to admit that the Big Ten is down this year. And yet, all the other conferences will be passed over in order to give the Buckeyes another opportunity to be blown the fuck out in a championship game. It will work out, it isn't like the Buckeyes got destroyed by the cream of the SEC last year or anything. If Tosu gets crushed this year there has got to be a 3 year embargo on them being in the championship game.

Does anyone give Tosu a chance in this one, right now? What is the spread? 10+? 14+? I really can't wait to see the Big ten embarrassed again at the hands of the SEC! Isn't it time for some other turd to get smushed aside from the Buckeyes?

Oh, and PSU is going to be playing Texas A&M in the Alamo Bowl. I am a huge PSU fan, and I hope that PSU does a little turd smushing of their own, but is anyone excited about this matchup?



Annapolisbuckeye said...

You've got to be kidding. You want a better bowl game yet you complain about the Buckeyes getting in, after the wiped the floor with you in your own house?

I must be missing something about LSU's greatness. I sure didn't see it last night. After nine stupid penalties game filled with mistakes, they were one interception away from getting knocked out all together.

Maybe what we should do, instead of complaining about Ohio State in the BCS Championship, is just reserve a spot for whatever team comes out of the SEC.

I mean really, if an SEC team loses, it has to be because the conference is sooooo hard, doesn't it?

Jason said...

I'll take the Buckeyes and 7. If LSU wins, you can write a post on anything you want at

If OSU wins, I get the same privilege in your house.

What say you?

Sara said...

I am SO tired of hearing the anti-Ohio State bullshit. They did what they needed to do. Other teams didn't. Stop complaining about their OOC schedule - PSU played:
Florida International
Notre Dame

Wow - talk about stellar. Notre freakin Dame? Give me a break.

OSU played Texas two years, took one year off, and have USC AT USC next year, with USC again the following year. And more scheduled after that with Virginia Tech and Miami.

Ever notice how the anti-OSU folks don't use fact to back up their statements? Might as well call yourself ESPN.

Another day at the office... said...

Fact: OSU is third in the computers

Fact: OSU's SOS ranking is 43 on cbs, compared to 26 for LSU and 4 for VT

Fact: OSU beat one ranked team, #18 wiscy, that is less ranked team wins than LSU, UGA, VT, and OU.

You guys were embarrassing last year, and if you embarrass yourselves again, which is likly, you will end up excluding any B10 team from the MNC for at least three years.

JB said...

Whoa, I'm not saying PSU should be playing in the National title game. I think they firmly earned their second rate Alamo Bowl appearance. PSU's many losses, including to TOSU, is what is keeping them out. However, there are a lot of teams who are just as deserving, if not more so, who got left out.
As to not using facts, it is a fact that Tosu played Akron, Youngstown St.,Kent St. and their lone OOC game against a BCS opponent was against the 4-9 Huskies (just about as bad as ND). How are those for facts? I'm glad Tosu has a tougher OOC schedule in the coming years, I wish PSU did. However, they doesn't change Tosu's abysmal schedule this year.
Undefeated Hawaii has a beef, do they not?