Saturday, January 19, 2008

Baker To Be Jailed?

The Collegian is reporting that the District Attorney who is prosecuting Chris Baker has filed a motion to revoke Baker's bail. Baker was out on bail in the off-season fight at the Meridian apartment complex, a condition of which was to not commit any new crimes, and now that more criminal charges have been filed he might find himself back in the pokey.

I was willing to give Baker the benefit of the doubt on the first charge stemming from the off-season fight. However, now that he has racked up multiple separate felony charges we are starting to see a trend.

How will Joe and the staff handle all this? If Baker is jailed until his cases go to trial it might not matter one little bit. In short, Baker might be lifting weights this spring but it might not be with guys in blue and white but rather guys in orange jump suits.


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