Friday, January 18, 2008

Jay Paterno Should Not Be Allowed To Speak

He just really should not speak. The CDT has an article on PSU's new offense for next year. Jaypa has dubbed it the "Spread HD." What will this miracle offense look like? Ummm, remember 2005? Yeah, pretty much like that. Except, that it is unlike anything you've ever seen before."It's not a philosophical shift, but more of a personnel shift," he said. Right.
"It's a different system that people have seen the last couple years, but the whole idea is to give us the best chance to win."
So it is the spread. Cool. Sounds a lot like what PSU ran in 2005 but we haven't seen it before. But, whatever you do, don't think that this is a change in philosophy. Just because it is brand new but yet incredibly familiar is no reason to fear it!

But what is the deal with the "HD"?
"It could stand for 'high-definition' or 'highly diverse,'" Jay Paterno said. "As long as it doesn't stand for 'huge dud.'"
So it doesn't actually stand for anything? Really, only "Highly Diverse" makes any sense at all. "High Definition" just stinks. "oooh, your offense is so highly defined. It just blew my mind."

Don't get me wrong, I am excited to see what the offense looks like and what Clarke and Devlin can do. You just shouldn't let Jay Paterno try to tell everybody about it.


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