Monday, January 07, 2008

I've Got Good News!

PSU basketball looks to be in an up year! This is, and will remain, a PSU football blog but the Lions are off to a great start on the hardwood this year. Now, I can't say I follow PSU basketball closely even in the down years (I don't think I'm alone in this) but I certainly root for them and want them to do well. I remember the days of riots in "Beaver Canyon" when PSU advanced to the sweet sixteen back in 2001. Could we be returning to those days of yore? Check out the fast start the Lions are having this year! Wins like that, on the road, against a quality opponent is what turns around a basketball program.

I also, of course, have bad news.

Willie Harriott will be in court this week for a Preliminary Hearing on a DUI charge he picked up during the season. Apparently, the team plans no action to change Harriott's status on the team. However, I would bet dollars to donuts that this means extra-double-super-secret-doghouse time for Willie.



Black Shoe Diaries said...

Personally I think Willie is going to be encouraged to look for another school to play for next year and Joe will release him from his scholarship. We'll hear about him transferring in a few months.

JB said...

All in favor say "Aye".

Lets get some of these guys with questionable character out of here.