Monday, January 07, 2008

The NC Game is A Win-Win For PSU Fans

Are you a PSU fan? If the answer is "yes" then you will win tonight! Are you asking yourself: "how is this possible?" Well, all you have to do is consider all the possible outcomes and you will see that no matter what happens in tonight's Buckeyes vs. Tigers game you will feel great afterwards. So, root for whoever you want. (you can find some great reasons to root for the Big Ten at BSD or The M Zone, or, you can go to TNL for some reasons to scorn our Big Ten Brethren)

If Tosu wins:
You feel great! The Big Ten hands the SEC its second defeat in head to head play this year and helps to disperse the myth of SEC superiority. Also, it will help you feel better about PSU's loss to the mighty Nuts back in October. After all, they did lose to the eventual national champs, right? (No, I wouldn't feel better about it either). Also, what is good for the Buckeyes is good for the conference. What is good for the Conference will only help PSU come the pre-season polls.

If LSU wins: You feel awesome! The Tigers just beat down a team that you hate to your very core! This is the second time in two years that an SEC team bested the mighty Buckeyes for a title, can we now start the overrated talk for 2008? Based on these performances it is unlikely we will have to sit through a third straight year of Buckeyes in the title game. Hooray!

If it is a Tie:
Unlikely, but excellent! Everybody kisses their sister! Eat that, Jerxes!

If it is a Great Game:
You just got to watch a great game! Remember, this is the last college football you'll see for 7+ months. So, enjoy that shit, cuzzin!

If it is A Terrible Game:
Huzzah! Both teams are terrible! The BCS Sucks! Rejoice in your teams excellence!

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