Friday, January 04, 2008

Mangino Gatorade-Block

Once Kansas secured it's 24-21 win over Va. Tech, the team went to give Mangino the (now) ceremonial, post-game, Gatorade bath. However, an assistant coach sprang into action to stop them from dumping the chilled beverage on the coach.

What could this mean? Is Mangino delicate? Fragile? Sick? Is the hundreds of extra pounds taking it's toll? Speculation aside, that was odd. Very odd.

Hooray Football (time is fleeting!)


broadway mylosh said...

that was garbage, I loss all respect for mangino after that, let your players have fun,

the players shouldve carried him off the field instead

I'm sorry I still can't take that guy seriously, call me shallow,

JB said...

I agree. I know it was particularly and peculiarly cold in Miami last night but you have to get the Gatorade shower! Maybe Mangino was saving it to wash down the Hummer-sized pile of steak he was going to eat as a snack later.