Thursday, January 03, 2008

Mangino Ravages Va-Tech Lunch Pail

Mangino and the Jayhawks roll (in Mangino's case, literally) into a BCS bowl game for the first time in...well...forever.
Fuel was recently thrown on to the fire when Mangino recently admitted to having eaten what was in the Hokie's lunch pail.

"I don't know exactly what was in there." Said the Jayhawks planet of a coach, "All I know is that all that time in the Virginia sun did it a world of good. It had the consistency of runny brie but it had clearly been a sandwich at some point. I dipped it in butter and let it slide to freedom!"
This did nothing but fire up the Hokies. Frank Beamer was later heard to retort:
"If that big bastard defiled our pail I'm going to tear this goiter off and heave it at him!"

Truly disturbing. However, it should make for an interesting game!


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