Monday, March 10, 2008

Paterno Succession Rumors

The rumor that Joe is going to/has to/is being forced to name a successor is gaining steam as Joe has been talking to Joe Tiller about how Tiller set up his succession at Purdue. This can all be found at the Pitt-Trib-Review.

The article doesn't contain anything Earth shattering but it certainly does show that the whole succession situation is on Joe's mind.
"He was asking me 'Why?' and 'Who?' and 'How?' " Tiller said during a telephone interview. "He didn't really tip his hand. But he did ask me 'Who's this guy?' and 'Why did I like him?' and 'Why now?' and those types of things.

"He didn't say, 'I'm thinking about this or I've got to do this.' But, after it had been announced, he seemed to be curious."

I have said previously that Succession Plans Suck. Sadly, it seems neither Joe nor the administration is reading this site. The administration seems dead set on Joe finding or naming an heir to the Blue & White throne this spring. Most sources seem to think this needs to be done before the meeting between Joe and the Board of Trustees on March 24th. Coincidentally, that is the first day of spring practice.

In sum, a Successor to Joe seems to be much closer to a reality now than it did before. At least, in conception if not reality.



boilerdowd said...

If I was a PSU fan, I wouldn't be happy that Tiller was involved in the conversation...

JB said...

The thing that really surprised me is that Joe went outside the "family" to get advice!

No offense, but what the hell should he be talking to tiller about? Keep your own counsel. That is the way to go.