Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Beaver Stadium To Be Largest In The Country!

Beaver Stadium will become the largest football stadium in the country by the 2008 season. This truly is a case of addition by subtraction, allow me to explain.

Apparently, Michigan recently lost/settled a lawsuit brought by the DOJ. In this agreement, UM agreed to add several hundred wheelchair accessible seats which will take up the space of a regular seat. This will reduce the capacity of Michigan's stadium from 107,501 to 106,201. Beaver Stadium's current capacity is 107,282. That'll teach you not to discriminate against handicapped people!

All of this can be found at the CDT.

You can see what the maize & blue think about this over at MSC

Eat that, Wolverines!


drozz said...

hey, we beat michigan!

JB said...

Yeah. It feels good to very good. Now all we have to do is transfer beating UM in stadium size to just beating them IN a stadium!

BTTT said...

You do know that once the stadium work is finished in 2010, the Big House will be the biggest again, right? This is only a temporary situation.