Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Comcast Subscribers Rejoice!

The CDT is reporting that Comcast and the Big Ten are going to get a deal done to put the Big Ten Network (BTN) on Comcast. This is probably going to happen by the 2008 football season.

If I were a Comcast subscriber and a Big Ten fan I would be totally fucking psyched. I am a Direct TV subscriber so I've been enjoying the BTN since August 2007. I will tell you, it is good but not great. I do not get the ESPN Gameday Ticket so it is nice to have more football on during the day. Again, it is great that this also focuses on the conference in which my interest is focused. However, I gotta tell ya, the BTN was only great for one weekend; the first weekend of the season. That is when i got to see some of Appy St. vs. Michigan. The PSU game was carried exclusively by the BTN so that was great too. However, for the rest of the year the BTN was ok to good, but never great.

Does anybody know if the Blue-White game is going to be on the BTN? If it were, it would certainly re-fire me up for the BTN.

So, the BTN is good but not great. But get fired up anyway!


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