Tuesday, March 25, 2008

PSU Wants Gameday Too!

This might just be the coolest college-football-related development I've seen all day! Gameday will be at Florida for their spring game.

Gameday should just go from town to town to go to spring games. It would be glorious! PSU had 70,000+ fans come to watch last years Blue-White game. Gameday consistently calls the PSU student body the best in all of college sports. Why can't we get Corso (who fucks pigs), Herby, and the whole gang out to State College on April 19th?!?!



Amrit said...

gameday is in all likelihood not coming back to state college for a long time because of that incident during the Ohio State game in 2007. Remember when some idiot decided to throw beer or some form of an alcoholic beverage at lee corso? i wish they would come, but because of a few dumb f*c*s, we probably get screwed.

JB said...

That would be a travesty if that is why they didn't come to Happy Valley.

Obviously, the student section is far rowdier than when I matriculated at PSU ('98-'02) which is great. However, this has come with a price. I fear PSU is may no longer have the most civilized fans in college sports. Which would be terribly sad.


drozz said...

amrit got it right. wasn't there another issue with someone besides corso getting smoked with a beer?

will research and get back to ya.

Amrit said...

if i'm remembering correctly, it actually might have been chris fowler who got the beer bath and not lee corso...