Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Bell = Gone

Not surprisingly, Chris Bell has been kicked off of the team. The athletic dept. issued the following statement:

"Chris Bell, who had been previously suspended from team activities, is permanently removed from the team and will not be re-considered to be a part of the team in the future,"
Sounds about right.

Now we are ever closer to discovering the exact line for immediate dismissal from the team. We already knew that it laid somewhere in-between Burglary charges (not dismissed) and Rape charges (immediate dismissal). We can now update that to the tipping point being between Burglary and Pulling-a-knife-on-your-goddamn-teammate-in-the-fucking-dining-hall-which-was-witnessed-by-assistant-coaches!!


RUTS brings us the police report. Peep it!

TNL reminds us not to completely freak out. Though, freaking out does seem reasonable.

I weep quietly and alone.


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