Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Blue-White Office

I have been accumulating PSU gear at an alarming rate over the past 3-4 years. My newest acquisition is hanging up in my office. Does it make me look a little deranged? Possibly, however, I just don't care! Observe:

Besides the giant flag I acquired from ebay, the thing is seriously huge, are my autographed photos of Courtney "The Quiet Storm"Brown and Bryant "Stone Hands" Johnson*. I have a bunch more autographs at home but haven't bothered to bring them into the office.....yet.

As my Office has become more blue and white it makes me wonder what everybody else's PSU-Cave looks like? I know you have one. If you don't mind sharing them drop me an email at gloryofoldstate@gmail.com (yes, you too can be internet-famous!).


* I don't think anyone called Bryant "Stone Hands" besides my friends and I. However, if you will recall, before he was being projected as getting drafted, BJ would routinely drop the easiest passes only to make an insanely acrobatic catch in the corner of the end-zone. He was frustrating but great, he was stone hands!


The Brewer Patriot said...

Yes. He would drop so many easy passes. Remember, he used to be a different number then after that year of all those dropped passes, he changed his number to get some good karma. And BAM! He was bad-ass then.

JB said...

big time. Early on it was as if he was trying to bat the ball down instead of catching it. It was surreal.