Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Well, despite my best efforts to make the University aware of the deplorable port-a-potty situation at beaver stadium they have done nothing to rectify the situation.

The CDT is reporting that 31 people were cited for public urination during last weekend's Blue/White game. There are also anecdotal reports that the police seemed to be targeting the unrinators (who were using the woods, man!) while letting others "...trash their own lawn furniture." with nary a "please stop, sir."

The University said that they set up 155 port-a-potties around the stadium before the game. That is really on 1 port-a-potty per 470 fans! Whoever is managing the portable facilities for the Penn State football games needs to be fired. How are you not expecting to need more facilities.

I did a little googling and a little math to discover what the university thought was sufficient. I don't know exactly what kind of products PSU obtained, however, i think this is a perfectly reasonable representative of the Port-a-potties at the game. It states it has a 40 gallon capacity. There are 155 of these shitters set up, that gives them a total capacity of 6200 gallons. For 73,000 people (for this you also have to assume that absolutely every person who was tailgating attended the game). That gives you 11 people per gallon of capacity! That just is not going to work.

I was at the Ohio State game in 2007 and the port-a-potties were in terrible shape. By about four PM most were overflowing and completely unusable. This simply cannot continue. If the University is going to serially short the necessary port-a-potties it is completely unethical to then cite people for peeing in the woods.


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