Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blue/White Stuff: User Submission!

I recently received a submission of an awesome, homemade, PSU, Pinewood Derby racer! I am completely and totally envious of this mini-monster. I think the picture speaks for itself:

Also, Greg, class of '91, (you're the man, by the way!) attached the following line in his email:
My wife rolled her eyes at me a lot about all the time I was spending in the basement "building your little car", but my son and his friends thought it was cool, so that's good enough for me. Being a Big Ten (i.e. non-SEC) car, it wasn't very fast, but it does have PSU style and class!
The motto? Things that are cool when you're a ten year old boy remain cool for the rest of your days. Also, wives don't always get "it". Finally, I would gladly ride wherever Joe wanted to take me! HELL YES!

I love this thing. Joe at the wheel and the Lion as co-pilot?!??!? Completely awesome. Thanks Greg!



Anonymous said...

With all the talk about whether Joe should stay or go, I couldn't help but realize that there are very few coaches in any sport ever who you could actually build driving a Pinewood Derby car. JoePa is legendary and when he's gone (whenever that may be), I hope we all appreciate how much he did for PSU during his entire career. There will never be another.

Anyhow, thanks for showing off my car on your site - now my kids are gonna think I'm really cool b/c it's on the web!

JB said...

I couldn't agree more.

With everybody wanting Joe out it makes me think of other legendary coaches and their fan bases. Do you think that Alabama fans wouldn't love to get Bryant back on the sidelines for one game? They actually play Bear's voice over the loudspeakers before each game and the crowd goes crazy.

It will be the same in Happy day. You might as well enjoy Joe for as long as we have him!

Blue Blooded said...

I love it! That little Joe and the Lion are so cute. Ah to be young again. Great work on both the car and the blue and white training of that youngster.