Monday, April 28, 2008

Penn State Man-Cave!

Brian, a reader of this glorious little blog, submitted some pics of his Penn State Man-Cave and I have to say, it is impressive. Take a peek.
Please make sure to note the "self-acquired" endzone pylon in the room. Certainly a rare and dangerous acquisition! A rocking set up, but lets gander in at what is in that hutch.Pics and autos of Joe himself! Very solid, Brian! Very solid! Did I forget to mention that Brian runs his own PSU blog? Go check it out here! If you are still questioning his love of PSU check out this little story he shared with old JB:
P.S. – I used to work for ResCom in Pollock Halls and believe it or not one time I fixed “Stone Hands” computer (ironically with LJ and Tony J in the room too) but I saved the little form that students have to fill out and sign before we can work on their stuff just in case one day he got drafted….and….yes….I framed it…..if that doesn’t scream pathetic I dare you to show me what does ;-)
It doesn't scream "pathetic", Brian. It screams AWESOME!!!

This has been an awesome group of submissions. From ill-gotten pylons to pinewood derby racers! Keep them coming you Blue-White maniacs! Send in your PSU pride to



Brian said...

thanks JB - your the man for posting this

JB said...

No, sir. You're the man!

Brian said...

flattery will get you everywhere my friend

Anonymous said...

It's no more pathetic than a 30-something man (me) going to a craft store to buy little wooden figures & pipe cleaners to build a PSU Pinewood derby car. Nice manspace!!