Thursday, April 24, 2008

SI On Campus = Soulless Link Stealers

As I was cruising SI on Campus earlier today I saw the following post:
Here, you do the math: 155 port-a-potties were set up around Penn State's Beaver Stadium for its annual Blue/White spring football scrimmage. There were 70,000-something fans. That's more than 450 people per potty. With that said, is this report really surprising? We think not. In fact, we consider it a job well done.
You can see the whole thing here.

Odd. Especially when one considers that two days ago I posted the following:
The University said that they set up 155 port-a-potties around the stadium before the game. That is really only 1 port-a-potty per 470 fans! Whoever is managing the portable facilities for the Penn State football games needs to be fired. How are you not expecting to need more facilities.

Thanks SI on Campus. Thanks for plagiarizing my post. Good job. Just because a story is submitted to you giving you a heads up doesn't mean that you can then read said story, harvest it's excellence, and then give no credit to the creator!

Honestly, this is sad.



Nittany White Out said...

Well, I can actually see SI on Campus coming up with that one. I actually was going to post something on the port-a potty issue when it first came out and came close to their 450 number. But I just didn't bother seeing you had already done it. So I don't know if they stole it, and if they did shame on them.

I'm just trying to say that SI on Campus gave us our due when they linked to us following the interview with the 2 students that dressed up as Virginia Tech students. So in my book they have a decent track record of linking their sources.

But I wouldn't put them above plagiarizing though.

JB said...

All I'm saying, I sent them a link to my post. Similarly, they linked to me on essentially the same issue and they did link to me. However, this time, SIOC just linked directly to the story in the CDT and have a lead which is eerily similar to one of my paragraphs.

I think they swiped it and gave no credit. said...

Oh, didn't realize you actually sent them a link of your post. Well in that case they are soul sucking sucubises.

ha-mace said...

I think that's kind of what "journalists" do these days. I mean my stuff is stolen by The Daily Collegian on a regular basis with no mention of me.

On the other hand when I "steal" one of their stories I give them a link.