Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Maryland Renamed Larryland!

Maryland has been forced to change it's name from "Mary-Land" to Larry-land! The following will be recorded for prosperity:Learn it. Love it. LARRYLAND!

This is, of course, because Larry Johnson SR continues to dive down into Larryland and recruit their best talent to cross the Mason-Dixon line and put on the Blue and White. This is all because FOS is announcing that PSU just landed Sean Stanley a four star Defensive Lineman out of Larryland.

I love you LJSR. I love you for having a beastly son. I love you because you are a recruiting god and easily the third most important coach on the PSU staff. Most importantly, I love you because "Larryland is for Lovers!"

What's that Larry? You have something to say? The floor is yours, sir!



Mike @ ZN said...

If anyone needs a big raise soon, it's LJ Sr. How is he still just a position coach? If Scrap gets the nod after JoePa leaves, LJ Sr. has to get the defense. H-A-S T-O.

JB said...

LJSR has been critical to PSU's recent success. He landed Derrick Williams, which, regardless of whether you think is a bust, revitalized the program. Without LJSR PSU is mired in mediocrity.

drozz said...

let's just hope ruts' theory doesn't come true:

we cannot afford to lose him in any capacity