Thursday, May 29, 2008

NCAA 2009 and PSU's Excellence

I saw this today and, well, it got me totally fired up for NCAA 2009. I lifted it from Pasta Padre.

NCAA Football 09 video from DJ Rhude on Vimeo.
If you are a Penn State fan and that didn't fire you right up and out of your mind than you are dead inside!

The White Out has become the soul of Penn State football in three years. Unreal.



Kevin McGuire said...

If only Penn State still played West Virginia. THAT is a series that should be renewed!

JB said...

I completely agree.

jd said...

my palms are sweating.

funny-we still played the corners off the line on 3rd and short. even herbie made a comment about it.

Mike @ ZN said...

I think EA Sports has grossly underperformed on NCAA in recent years. I'm still waiting for the complete overhaul it needs... yet, I can't stop playing it!!!!

JB said...

Yeah, I recently fired '08 back up as i was going through football withdrawls. Surprisingly, if you bench morelli and play with clarke PSU has a very potent option running attack.

I'm about to face Nebraska for the National Championship And that, as they say, is why you play the games.