Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2008 White Out T-Shirt

I was curious, as a rampant consumer of all products with a Penn State logo on it, about what the official 2008 White-Out T-shirts look like. Google, of course, gave me my answer quickly and effectively. This is what they look like, first, the front:

Now the back:Both images can be found at the following link, ironically, you can also buy the t-shirt itself at this site.

To be honest, I wasn't wild about the design at first. However, if you look really closely at the Lion on the front you can see it is composed of overlaid sayings promoting PSU's excellence. This kind of over the top rhetoric is really what I'm all about. If you look you can see a "for the glory", "Honor", and "Happy Valley". This is just great.

The back is fine. Nothing to great. If I were responsible I would've had a silhouette of Joe but with the shadow reading: Legend. That would've been fucking great.

Anyway, get yours soon! The Season approaches!



Paterno Lives! said...

"This kind of over the top rhetoric is really what I'm all about."

That's an awesome line.

JB said...

thank you sir!

Mike said...

Yippee. It's always nice to know what all the toothless rednecks will be wearing this fall.

JB said...