Saturday, June 28, 2008

The BTN Hooks Me Up

I'm packing up all our junk this morning. So, I'm looking through the channels to put something on in the background while I work. Much to my delight, I discover that the 2006 Michigan vs. Tosu game is on. #1 vs. #2 on a Saturday morning.

Good work Big Ten Network. Next time, can a man get some 2005 PSU vs. TOSU? All i'm sayin.


1 comment:

Rich said...

i'll second that request. i love watchin the big ten's greatest games, but you would think that the 2005 osu - psu game would be one of them. i mean, it was one of the highest ratest games in big ten history. if they can put the 2002 psu -wisc game on there, they could definitely play 2005 game.