Thursday, June 12, 2008

PSU Football Fantasy Camp

It's the time of year where not a lot is going on for PSU on the field, there is still a yawning chasm between now and the start of the season. What better way satisfy your Penn State craving than at the PSU Football Fantasy Camp?

Look, this thing looks completely awesome. You dress in the locker room. You work with coaches. You get to run out onto the field to play a game (touch) in Beaver Stadium with you family in the Stands! Ok, clean yourself up a little. Wipe the drool from the corner of your mouth. The camp started yesterday. But what better way to prepare for next year than to get fired up now?

The sad part about this camp is that costs an arm and a leg. Try $5000 for an all inclusive week, or $4800 if you are a PSU alum. That is a lot of cheddar. If I saved up all the money I make from this blog in a year i'd still be $4000 short. If I threw in all the money I made at my real job, well, I'd be $4100 short!

Still, it's nice to dream.


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