Friday, June 20, 2008

A Rallying Cry: It's Our Turn!

The Penn State 2008 Captains greeted the press yesterday. You can read the CDT's article here. To summarize, they learned a lot from the likes of Robinson and Poz and this group of Lions is looking to put that kind of product out on the field.

One statement really stood out to me was the quote D-Will gave to close the article out:
“We feel like it’s our turn,”
It's Our Turn. A rallying cry for the 2008 season? It certainly sounds like it to me.

If you haven't already gotten your tickets for the 2008 Lift For Life there is still time! It is all set for July 11 @ 2pm in Holuba Hall. All the proceeds go to charity plus you get to see the 2008 Lions Participate in feats of strength. Rumor has it that Sean Lee is planning to participate in limited exercises where he will bite a towel in half to vent his frustration over his knee injury.

Now, we have an LJJR sighting in the area. Here is a pic, and editorial commentary, as LJ tosses out the first pitch at the Spike's game!
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GO STATE! IT'S OUR Time Turn! (I'm as dumb as a rock)

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