Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Lift for Life Teams

The Lift for Life teams have been announced and I have to say I think John Kelly, Matt McGloin, James Terry and Mark Wedderburn have by far the best team name: "Can You Stretch Out McGloin." The complex dance of naming your team something vaguely inappropriate while still respecting the fight against kidney cancer has been nailed!

Honorable Mention goes to Knowledge Timmons, Willie Harriott, Devin Fentress and Cedric Jeffries who will be lifting as "Three Musketeers...and Cedric." Least Creative name goes to Jordan Norwood, Jared Odrick, Michael Mauti and Michael Zordich, who are...."M's and J's." See what they did was take the first letters of their names, then...well actually, that's it.

However, in terms of who might actually win this thing, by default, you always go with whatever team A.Q. Shipley is on. And A.Q. is on "Can I Get An Encore" with Josh Gaines, Tyrell Sales and the one-man wrecking crew that is Anthony Scirrotto.

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jd said...

a few years ago DC had the best team name EVER.

"Team Zoidberg"